Monday, February 14, 2011

i'm gonna be your superman forever
2 more hours to the end of Valentine's Day. some couple maybe having their last kisses and hugs. or maybe sex? i've been living for 18 years, and i've never celebrated any Valentine's day with any people or girlfriends at all. until last night, my girlfriend told me about Valentine's day.

me: happy valentine's day babe. will you be my valentine?
her: why? i am your valentine for the rest of your life. not just today.
me: i want today to be a special day for us.
her: isn't everyday is special for us?
me: i want to make it most special day.
her: no, 28 of june is the most special day.
me: :/ okay. i love you.

now i know what is the real meaning of relationship. it's not just special on valentine day, it's special everyday as long as we live together. valentine's day is just a day. i love you stacey. even we're far apart, my love for you will always strong. and your heart will stay close to me. and i miss you so bad. :(

take care there love. xoxo

<3 Andrew

you always brighten my day. i love you.