Monday, November 22, 2010

we watched harry potter just now and i slept . yeah. seriously, what happened??? girlfriend, what make harry potter interesting?? hahah. kidding. i didn't watched harry potter movie from the first one. so, i cant understand the movie. i'm sorry. ngeee. but.... the ending was sad. *girlfriend, i understand how u felt* the elf dead because of the evil women. * didn't knw their name*. and.. girlfriend was biting her nails while watching the movie. sooo cute.. hahah.

<3 you, stacey.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

this is the image of the destruction. this pic was taken from my verandah and my yard. it's bloody close to my house. it's like 3 feets from my house. these are the squartters. no wonder my mom were panic when she called me. i'm not at home when these occured. i was in Penang. my brother was still sleeping when this occurs. this tragic event lead to four homes caught fire destroyed. no one was killed but the property destroyed. they believe the caused was the children who playing w fire.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

L.O.V.E. is a four letter words

girlfriend. thanks for making my homecoming the awesome day ever. thanks for making my dreams come true. thanks for the talk we had till 2 am. i really miss you. finnally i can lepas geram kt u. hahaha. muah. i LOVE you.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

let the pictures tell u the story

yea. u're too far away....

so, i decided to come back home to miri....

and, i wish my dream will come true...

to hold ur hands..

to kiss ur lips...

i want this to happen.i'm sorry i didn't told u about this blog. i decided this to be a surprise. i told u to be online around 8 to 9 pm because i arrived at miri at 6.40 JUST NOW *TODAY*. i want to show u this post as a "surprise". sorry i lied to you. by the time u read this post, i think i'm gonna be in front of ur house, maybe not. i have to change this post because what happened. i thought things gonna be okay. i'm sorry this surprise sucks and make u mad. all i know is, i just love u too much. and i can't let go. it's impossible for me to forget all the things we talk.all the plan we've made. i'm sorry if couldn't do our plan together. i'm sorry for everythings. i'm just a kid. come out and gigit me.  i <3 you


Friday, November 12, 2010

that's right. i love you so much. when u change our relationship status, i felt like my heart burst into fire. i'm speechless. all i wanted was a chance. :( see ya tmrw. i guess.
sayang. i know you feel like this. and me too. it scares me a lot. and now it seems like the nightmare come true. i'm really sorry for what i did. i shouldn't playing around w other girls. i know what i did is to hard for forgiveness. but can u give me another chance? please? i really love you so much. :(
yeah. all i wanted was u guys. i'm so alone here in this "soundless" room. i hate goodbyes. why u guys must leaving so soon. :( i hate alone. this room is so empty and i only can hear the fan spining full speed. i can hear my own foot steps. my own breath. i can hear echoes from my own voice. i never felt like this. i'm starting to miss u guys. i hate going to the cafe alone. i dont want to sleep alone. i want to hear u guys singing even it never sound good. i want all that noises back. even sometimes it bother me a little. i want to hear all the humor and all the shouting from u guys. that's all i wanted for these two days, alone. :(

Thursday, November 11, 2010

freedom! finallyyyyy! exam is over. literally speaking, PHYSICS is over. hahahaha
it was horible. T.T the exam's question was sooooo tough. argghhh. i'm afraid that im gonna repeat it. gosh. but, forget it anyway. let the past, past. heeee. start our new days with new plan. and, my plan is enjoy and go back to my hometown. hoooraayyy! MIRI, wait for me, i'll scream for you. and girlfriend. wait for my surprise yeah? :P

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

awwwwhh.  :'(
he has the same situation as i did.
the hell? she fucked ALBA? u old pervert. hahahaha.
i love ths quote. spongebob really shows the true meaning of friendship and love. if i ever get the chance to be him, i will be.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Bye Squidward! Bye Mr. Krabs! Bye Squidward!
Patrick: You said bye to Squidward twice.
SpongeBob SquarePants: [grins huge, pauses, dreamily] I liiiike Squidward.

eventhough squidward always think that spongebob annoys him almost all the time,but spongebob still like him. he never give up on squidward.

Spongebob: "Hey Squidward. Guess what today is.
Squidward: "Annoy Squidward day?"
Spongebob: "No, silly. That's on the 15th."

this is the proof. hahaha 

Spongebob: Patrick, what do you usually do when i left home to work?
Patrick: Umm, wating for you to come back home.

sweetest qoute ever.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

this is always happen to me. arghhhh!. u dwarf! i hate u. u're the one who is behind all this mess up. hahaha.
click to enlarge. :)
this is why u should listen to the right songs. :D
yesterday was soooo. :( i don't what to say.
my friends and i decided to rent a car and go to georgetown. we went to teluk bahang and queensbay mall. we watched a movie. things were okay for us that day until we went back. before we go back to campus, my friend decided to take some pictures at the bay and hang out for a while and have dinner. since it was raining, so i cancelled the plan and we rush back to campus. on the way back, when i was driving on the penang bridge, my other friend call me and i super stupidly answered his call. when i was just wanna say hello, a patrol car pass beside me and they saw me using the phone while i still driving. so, they stopped me at the side of the bridge. guess what? u're right. a ticket. wahhh! 300 ringgit! shame on me. i should remember the law. girlfriend was right. i don't care about the law, tht's why i got a ticket. we plan to go out to release some tension. instead of release, i gain more! fuck! wait. the story didn't end yet. then, when we passed the bridge, i took the wrong turn and follw the wrong road to the campus. and shit! we have to pay a toll. =.=! i was really mad til my friends were all speechless. when i was busy talking and cursing, a motorcyclist pass by and try to pass the toll's gate but his attempt was fail because of slippery road. his morcycle go into a skid and bam! accident! i saw it live when i'm payng the toll. his slipper was broken. we decided to help but other car from behind were waiting for their turn. so, we continued our journey and make a turn. when we turn back, we have to pay the toll again. huh! so, i drive and drive until i took the wrong lane because of the heavy rain make my vision a bit blur. i had to cut the line and the other drivers was honking because of my act. hahah. sorry! i didn't mean it. i went back to campus with depression. i have to pay to the goverment 300 ringgit. that's too much for me. i hope they can compound it. pleaseeeee.

if it's not raining yesterday, we would take some picture and hang out and having dinner at the bay, and my friend should call me before im driving. and if it not raining, the motorcyclist would not skid his motorcycle and accident. and if it was not raining, i should have a clear vision and took the correct lane. rain, why did u fall at the wrong time?. girlfriend, i'm sorry if i blame God's creation for my own faults. and, God, hold her journey on her way back home later. i love her. :)

off to bed.

Monday, November 8, 2010

i found this on her facebook. hahaha. so kanji u sayang. i love her. she's an open minded girl. nyummy huh? wait la. hahaha. sot. she's a lil bit down today after what i've told her. she's always right. i shouldn't blame God's creation when it's my own fault. i'm sorry, i'm just a human. human makes mistakes and keep on blaming even it's their own faults.

love you stacey. :)
poor 90's hahahah. this is totally true!. i often do this. i mean the 2010's. simple and easy. copy and paste.

here an article about student committed suicide because of their studies.

Following early studies conducted at Oxford and Cambridge (Carpenter,
1959; Parnell, 1951; Rook, 1959; Temby, 1961), many of the U.S. studies were
done at prestigious universities (Atkinson, 1969; Braaten & Darling, 1962;
Bruyn & Seiden, 1965; Eckert, 1966; Halleck, 1967a, 1967b; Paffenbarger &
Asnes, 1966; Parrish, 1957; Seiden, 1966). Almost unanimously, these studies
pointed to elevated suicide rates among students, a finding that was commonly
assumed to be related to intense academic pressure at those schools. With the
notable exception of the studies at Oxford (Parnell, 1951), Cambridge (Carpenter,
1959; Rook, 1959), and Berkeley (Bruyn&Seiden, 1965; Seiden, 1966), the
claim of a higher suicide rate among college students compared to the general
population appears questionable when the reported figures are subjected to statistical
scrutiny (Lipschitz, 1990). Later research also questioned whether the
environment of the elite schools is responsible for students’ suicidal behavior or
whether such schools attract and select students who may be more emotionally
unstable (Berkovitz, 1985; Seiden, 1971). One detailed study of suicidal students
at a prestigious university indicated that although students often related
their mood to their difficulties at school, they were usually having academic difficulties
because they were depressed, not the otherway around (Hendin, 1975a,
By the 1980s, there was general awareness of the dramatic rise in youth suicide.
Although there was every reason to believe that college students also were
affected, the research evidence remained equivocal. In a thorough review of the
world’s literature on college student suicide, Lipschitz (1990) described findings
on the incidence of college suicide as highly inconsistent, with estimates of
the suicide rate among college students ranging from 5 to 50 per 100,000. These
results varied so much because studies involved small unrepresentative samples
with wide variation in such factors as geographical location; age range of students;
socioeconomic status (SES), ethnicity, religion, and other family background
characteristics of students; and the social milieu and normative culture
of the college in relation to such things as competition and achievement, drug
and alcohol use, and support structures, some or all of which may have had a
bearing on the reported suicide rate. In light of extensive variation among colleges,
Lipschitz concluded that it was not possible to identify any study that was
truly representative of the national college and university student population.
Furthermore, he noted that inconsistencies in case definitions and methods of
case finding across studies have severely limited comparability of conclusions.
In undertaking the most comprehensive attempt to date to compare the incidence
of suicide among undergraduate and graduate students to a matched
national sample (The Big Ten Student Suicide Study), Silverman and his colleagues
elaborated on the methodological problems inherent in earlier studies

trust me, technology can be annoying, but it helps. :)
hahahaha. i think this is what she will say to me. :P

Sunday, November 7, 2010

u were right. i'm the one who think negatively. i should listen of what u said. OPTIMISM is the key. i'm gonna do my best. don't u worry. i won't let the pressure and stressness bother me. nothing in life are easy. :)
hey girlfriend.

hee. your test has ended yesterday, and i'm still struggling for my last paper. and Physics is soooo... duhhh. what did Albert Einstein was thinking when he created the formulae. Sometimes i hate what he did. :D erm.. actually, this post is about you, my girlfriend. i know u miss me so much, and i miss u too. i can't wait to get home quickly. actually i lied to you. i'll be back on the 14th of november instead of 20th. ngeee. don't be mad after you read this, okay? i want it to be a surprise when i get back home. want you to be freakin' surprise but not faint. :P i'm gonna end this war soon. War of Physics. *sounds cool*

her: i miss u. Syg... Hug me, kiss my forehead when we meet k? waa.. Lama dh me mau bagitau ni. i miss u soooooooo bad. :(

awwwwhhhh. ;( i love her so much. u see how long the 'so'? :D don't you worry boo, i'll be back really soon. wait for me.

hugs and kisses. xoxo  

Saturday, November 6, 2010

erm. what should i say. maybe i can start with HEY!. :) okay. straight to the point. this is my new blog. so, i will do something new and different to this blog. hope you don't mind i share my secrets and my life stories. 
alright. what should i say. erm. today gonna be my second last paper, and that's PHYSICS. and the most worst things is, it's SUNDAY! and i'm here, staying up late. hope i can do the best for my exam later.