Sunday, November 7, 2010

hey girlfriend.

hee. your test has ended yesterday, and i'm still struggling for my last paper. and Physics is soooo... duhhh. what did Albert Einstein was thinking when he created the formulae. Sometimes i hate what he did. :D erm.. actually, this post is about you, my girlfriend. i know u miss me so much, and i miss u too. i can't wait to get home quickly. actually i lied to you. i'll be back on the 14th of november instead of 20th. ngeee. don't be mad after you read this, okay? i want it to be a surprise when i get back home. want you to be freakin' surprise but not faint. :P i'm gonna end this war soon. War of Physics. *sounds cool*

her: i miss u. Syg... Hug me, kiss my forehead when we meet k? waa.. Lama dh me mau bagitau ni. i miss u soooooooo bad. :(

awwwwhhhh. ;( i love her so much. u see how long the 'so'? :D don't you worry boo, i'll be back really soon. wait for me.

hugs and kisses. xoxo  

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