Tuesday, November 9, 2010

yesterday was soooo. :( i don't what to say.
my friends and i decided to rent a car and go to georgetown. we went to teluk bahang and queensbay mall. we watched a movie. things were okay for us that day until we went back. before we go back to campus, my friend decided to take some pictures at the bay and hang out for a while and have dinner. since it was raining, so i cancelled the plan and we rush back to campus. on the way back, when i was driving on the penang bridge, my other friend call me and i super stupidly answered his call. when i was just wanna say hello, a patrol car pass beside me and they saw me using the phone while i still driving. so, they stopped me at the side of the bridge. guess what? u're right. a ticket. wahhh! 300 ringgit! shame on me. i should remember the law. girlfriend was right. i don't care about the law, tht's why i got a ticket. we plan to go out to release some tension. instead of release, i gain more! fuck! wait. the story didn't end yet. then, when we passed the bridge, i took the wrong turn and follw the wrong road to the campus. and shit! we have to pay a toll. =.=! i was really mad til my friends were all speechless. when i was busy talking and cursing, a motorcyclist pass by and try to pass the toll's gate but his attempt was fail because of slippery road. his morcycle go into a skid and bam! accident! i saw it live when i'm payng the toll. his slipper was broken. we decided to help but other car from behind were waiting for their turn. so, we continued our journey and make a turn. when we turn back, we have to pay the toll again. huh! so, i drive and drive until i took the wrong lane because of the heavy rain make my vision a bit blur. i had to cut the line and the other drivers was honking because of my act. hahah. sorry! i didn't mean it. i went back to campus with depression. i have to pay to the goverment 300 ringgit. that's too much for me. i hope they can compound it. pleaseeeee.

if it's not raining yesterday, we would take some picture and hang out and having dinner at the bay, and my friend should call me before im driving. and if it not raining, the motorcyclist would not skid his motorcycle and accident. and if it was not raining, i should have a clear vision and took the correct lane. rain, why did u fall at the wrong time?. girlfriend, i'm sorry if i blame God's creation for my own faults. and, God, hold her journey on her way back home later. i love her. :)

off to bed.

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