Sunday, June 19, 2011

dad, today is the day we all made for you. i'm sorry i can't be there with right now. and im sorry i can't wish this through the phone because i never did. So, here we go..
 i love you with all my heart, dad. i really do.
you are my best friend ever. and u ever called me your 'dog' because i always wanted to follow you where ever you go. :D
u give me everything that i wanted everyday which is love.
i really appreciate it. i'm sorry if there is time that i made u mad. i'm still a child who needs lesson from you.
i hope that you will stay strong through all day. 
take care of yourself because i'm not there for you now. i only can feel you through my heart.
this is my pray for you.

                                                        Your truly son, 

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