Thursday, December 16, 2010


yesterday had an outing with girlfriend and her friends. went to KFC, OhMyG6. the service like..uhhh. like the KFC has turned into ZFC *zombie fried chicken*  the worker too slow, the pepsi ran out of stock. but we eat normally. :P then we watched social network. girlfriend was excited about the show, but it turned out so boring! Mark Zuckerberg, your life is interesting but, the way the director directed it, it's suck. yeah. honestly. no offense. hahah.

then we went from Parkson to the beach. took some pictures. had some great times while watching the sun sets. glad to see girlfriend enjoying her times with her friends. you look so cute with your shoes. im happy i bought that for you. and we look great using almost the same shoes. :D btw, i enjoyed watching the sun sets together with you. had a blast day yesterday. we "broke the rules", and i love it. :p

 this is some pic we took yesterday. credit to the photographer. :D


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