Sunday, December 5, 2010

live my life.

I do not know where I want to express my feelings. I think my blog is the perfect place.

my candy, sometimes not all the things I can do. I'm not superman. Sometimes Superman can be defeated. what more to say if it's me. I am just an ordinary human. i can't be there for you everytime you need me. i wish i could. but last night, i couldn't. i'm sorry. i know you mad and you're freaking angry and disappointed with me. but, at least you reply my message. i want to accompany you last night. but you just said goodnight. and i wait for you to come back home safely. sadly, i never received any of ur message. even though you're angry and disappointed with, at least just text me and say that you are safe and arrived home. that one i still can accept it. i understand your situation. i know i'm not a good boyfriend for you. i can't make you feel perfect with me. and i saw your facebook's status. i'm not afraid. i'm just not superhuman. i guess you must be in silent mode right now. hurm.

this morning when i texted you, your style was predictable. you're angry as usual. i knew it was your natural feelings. you get angry and sulking if things not according to what you want. i can accept that. surely. but one thing. i mean one sentence from ur message it's killing me from the inside out. unpredictable, hurts, meaningful and i just can't accept it. "For me to know, and for the rest not to know. Dont care and it's non of your business". 

i guess, texting you. say hello to you, it's non of my business anymore. but one thing for sure, my love for you wouldn't fade.

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